Code of ethics


arena’s benchmark values are the foundations on which arena’s corporate culture is firmly based. For arena respecting these values is the only possible way of doing business sustainability and with due respect for its final consumers, customers, business partners and the environment:

Human resources are our main strength and most valuable corporate asset; that is why arena promotes the highest moral standards and aim to keep on improving based around respect for every single person’s individual dignity.

arena does not discriminate in terms of race, sex, civil status, family situation, religious faith, politics, age, sexual preferences or geographical origin.

arena strives to attract, hire, motivate and hold onto the most talented people from all over the world, offering each and every one of them the same opportunities to grow and emerge, making the most of what they have to offer.

arena bases its own business operations around a passion to succeed, individual/joint input and overall excellence: these are essential and vital means for achieving its own “mission”.

arena believes in work and makes sure its staff is committed to achieving consistent and courageous personal and professional growth in the ongoing quest for the best possible business solutions adopting a pragmatic approach based on knowledge and experience. Total commitment and enthusiastic drive are what bring out the real value of individuals and the moral capital each individual has to offer, first and foremost, to the company and, more generally, to the entire community.

arena recruits, develops and promotes its own resources exclusively based on each individual’s performance ratings (i.e. based on how they handle their allocated tasks and duties, responsibilities, projects and assigned goals) or, in other words, based on their actual contribution to the process of creating value.

arena pledges to acknowledge and enhance the ethical values of those people who carry out their jobs and allotted tasks properly and transparently, while firmly stigmatising those who opt for ambiguity or compromise. Moreover, the process of creating value and distributing it fairly among all those involved must be considered fundamental values for everybody. This process must be based on definite, transparent rules and the efficient exchange of information and it must not be manipulated by any individual whose interests clash with the company’s long-term growth.

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